Who is the Los Angeles City Council and What Do They Do?

The Los Angeles City Council is a group of elected officials who are responsible for enacting the laws that govern the City of Los Angeles. The council is made up of 15 members, each representing a district within the city. The council is responsible for setting the budget for all departments and agencies within the city, as well as having the final say on all matters related to the city. The council is led by the City Comptroller, who is the chief accountant, auditor, and payer of the City of Los Angeles.

The current members of the Los Angeles City Council are:Paul Krekorian, Councilman District 1
Bob Blumenfield, District 2 Councilman
Nithya Raman, District 3 CouncillorThe council holds regular meetings at City Hall, as well as hosting town hall meetings in various locations throughout the city. They also oversee the City Charter, Rules, and Codes.My journey to the Los Angeles City Council began as a neighborhood activist, and my passion for strong, safe and equitable communities has never diminished. As an elected official, I am committed to making sure that all voices are heard and that everyone in our city has access to resources and opportunities.

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