What city is los angeles airport in?

Los Angeles is a sprawling city in Southern California and the center of the country's film and television industry. On Hollywood Boulevard, the TCL Chinese Theater displays the handprints and feet of celebrities, the Walk of Fame pays homage to thousands of luminaries, and vendors sell maps to the houses of the stars.

Los Angeles

International Airport (LAX) is the main airport in the Los Angeles metropolitan area and is located along the coast about 16 miles from downtown Los Angeles. LAX Airport is the sixth busiest airport in the world, handling more than 60 million passengers a year.

It serves as the hub for Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Great Lakes Airlines, Horizon Air and United Airlines. Hollywood Burbank Airport is the only airport in the area with direct rail connection to downtown Los Angeles from two stations, Burbank North Airport and Burbank South Airport. LAX is the busiest airport of origin and destination in the world, as compared to other airports, many more travelers start or end their trips in Los Angeles using it as a connection. The FlyAway express bus system connects LAX to Los Angeles Union Station, the region's main rail transportation hub.

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